This User Guide clarifies the primary ideas of MovieStarPlanet.

In MovieStarPlanet you make your very own virtual film star which is utilized as a part of Movies, talk rooms and recreations.

Your film star gains Fame and StarCoins (the virtual cash in MovieStarPlanet starcoins and diamond) when you take an interest in the MovieStarPlanet virtual world.

StarCoins and Fame are earned when different clients watch your distributed Movies, and give you signatures, and when you play amusements in the visit rooms.

Your motion picture star begins at level 0, and you advance through the levels by procuring Fame. New levels offer access to new activitys and access to visit rooms saved for motion picture stars at more elevated amounts.

StarCoins can be utilized as a part of shops to purchase garments, ensembles, activitys, Movie foundations, music and props for Movies and things for your motion picture star’s virtual home.


You begin by making your own film star, by tapping the New User catch on the MovieStarPlanet landing page. At the point when this is done you have a record you can use to sign into motion picture starPlanet later on.

It is allowed to make a record and everybody can do it.

Motion pictures

You can begin another Movie by tapping the “New Movie” sign in the “Inventive” range.

The initial phase in making a Movie is to choose up to 6 motion picture stars to star in the motion picture. You can pick your own particular motion picture star, any of your companions’ motion picture stars and a couple of additional items. The chose motion picture stars are arranged, and from this line-up you can change the garments on every motion picture star looking over the garments every film star claims.

Making the Movie content

Once the motion picture stars are picked and dress chose the Movie Studio is appeared. Here, you coordinate every scene, enter discourse lines and select activitys.

At the base of the page is a timetable bar. This is utilized to choose and advance MSP coins cheat the time in every scene, so you can without much of a stretch choose where every film star ought to be and what every motion picture star ought to do at various circumstances.

Finishing the Movie

When you have finished your motion picture, you can distribute the Movie by tapping the “Send to companions” catch.

If you don’t mind take note of that once a motion picture has been distributed it can’t be changed. Likewise, nobody can watch a film until the point that it has been distributed and just distributed motion pictures can win Fame or StarCoins.


To influence new companions you to can seek by username in the “companions” range, which is gotten to from the “companions” catch in the primary menu.

At the point when companions are dynamic in MovieStarPlanet, their exercises fly up in the “Companions” Activities’ bar at the base of the screen. This is likewise where you talk with your companions.

The “What’s going on with you” territory

The “What are you doing zone” is situated on the left hand side of the screen inside MovieStarPlanet. Here you can expound on what you are doing or what is at the forefront of your thoughts. When you click send, every one of your companions will see the message. You can likewise influence your motion picture to star complete activitys and outward appearances, to help show messages or feelings when communicating something specific.

Talk rooms and Games

There are various visit rooms accessible in the talk region. Other than from visit, there is the “Diversions” range which offers recreations and tests where anybody can play to win StarCoins and Fame.


In the “Shopping” territory you can visit distinctive shops where you can purchase new garments, new things for your room, and foundations and music for your motion pictures.

You can likewise go to the “Activity shop” and purchase lessons to learn new moves (livelinesss). The movements would then be able to be utilized as a part of motion pictures in the “What’s going on with you” confine and the visit rooms.

My Room and Changing Clothes

In ‘My Room’ you can show all non-garments things purchased in the shops, so companions and others can see it in your open profile.

In the ‘Change Clothes’ room you can go and change garments looking over all garments beforehand obtained.

Visitor book

Every motion picture star has a visitor book where different clients can compose messages and welcome.

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