At the point when Good Heists Go Bad

Once in charge, begin by slaughtering the outfitted tellers. Continue to the second saint row the third cheats pc and third floor while killing all adversaries. In the wake of achieving the vault and the scene, you’ll need to proceed with upstairs. You can take out the opponents on the anteroom too.

Proceed to the third floor. You may discover a fan needing your signature. Plant the explosives on the stamped spot on the floor at that point watch the accompanying scene. Once done, get behind cover and safeguard yourself from the approaching rushes of SWAT officers. An assault helicopter will show up too so shoot it too until the point when your own chopper arrives.

Once you’re riding the vault, keep murdering the watchmen. You’ll need to saint row 3 cheats shoot down police choppers also amid the procedure. Go on like this until the point when your helicopter gets shot down. Mission finish.


What Saints Row amusement without a HUGE arrangement of skills, and Saints Row The Third is the same – look at this rundown beneath which incorporates every one of the tricks found in the diversion up until now.

Accomplishments will be impaired once you utilized skills so I suggest using this one on the off chance that you simply need to have a great time in the amusement and on the off chance that you couldn’t care less about accomplishments. You can include cheats by going to Extras > Cheats.


Win $100,000 – cheddar

Include regard – whatitmeanstome

Weapons – letsrock

Brilliant Gun (one-hit executes) – goldengun

Interminable run – runfast

No vehicle harm – vroom

Repair auto – repaircar

Include police reputation – pissoffpigs

No police reputation – goodygoody

Include pack reputation – lolz

No pack reputation – uh oh


Produce Ambulance – giveembulance

Produce Anchor – giveanchor

Produce Attrazione – giveattrazione

Produce Bootlegger – givebootlegger

Produce Challenger – givechallenger

Produce Commander – givecommander

Produce Condor – givecondor

Produce Eagle – giveeagle

Produce Estrada – giveestrada

Produce F69 Vtol – givevtol

Produce Gatmobile – givegatmobile

Produce Kanada – givekanada

Produce Kenshin – givekenshin

Produce Knoxville – giveknoxville

Produce Miami – givemiami

Produce Municipal – givemunicipal

Produce Nforcer – givenforcer

Produce Peacemaker – givepeacemaker

Produce Pheonix – givepheonix

Produce Reaper – givereaper

Produce Sandstorm – givesandstorm

Produce Shark – giveshark

Produce Specter – givespectre

Produce Squasar – givesquasar

Produce Status Quo – givestatusquo

Produce Taxi – givetaxi

Produce Titan – givetitan

Produce Toad – givetoad

Produce Tornado – givetornado

Produce Vortex – givevortex

Produce Vulture – givevulture

Produce Widowmaker – givewidowmaker

Produce Woodpecker – givewoodpecker


45 Sheperd – givesheperd

Annihilator – giverpg

Apocafists – giveapoca

AR 55 – givear55

AS3 Ultimax – giveultimax

Slugger – givebaseball

Cutting apparatus – givechainsaw

Digital Blaster – givecybersmg

Digital Buster – givecyber

D4TH Blossom – giveblossom

Electric Grenade – giveelectric

Flamethrower – giveflamethrower

Streak Bang – giveflashbang

Undertaker – givedigger

Projectile – givegrenade

K-8 Krukov – givekrukov

KA-1 Kobra – givekobra

M2 Grenade Launcher – givelauncher

McManus 2015 – givesniper

Smaller than expected Gun – giveminigun

Molotov – givemolotov

Nocturne – givesword

RC Possesor – givecgun

Gatherer Drone – givedrone

Mob Shield – giveshield

S3X Hammer – givehammer

SA-3 Airstrike – giveairstrike

Travel bag Charge – givesatchel

Stun Hammer – giverocket

Sonic Boom – givesonic

Immobilizer – givestungun

TEK Z-10 – givetek

The Penetrator – givedildo

Snake Laser Rifle – giveslm8


Radiant climate – clear skies

Shady climate – cloudy

Blustery weather – light rain

Extremely blustery weather – heavy rain


Bleeding Mess – not rated

Paradise Bound – fry hole

Vehicle Smash – squish you

Tanked (people on foot are flushed) – due

Mascots (walkers are mascots) – mascot

Pimps and Hos (walkers are pimps and prostitutes) – ho ho ho

Zombies (walkers are zombies) – brains

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