You’ve been double-crossed and left for dead. Presently you’re rendering retribution unless the city gets you first. Crowd managers require some help; screwy cops require aid and road groups need you dead. You’ll need to loot, take and slaughter just to remain out of genuine inconvenience. Anything can occur around here.

Fabulous Theft Auto returns this Fall on the Playstation®2 PC excitement framework. It will show up on PC CD ROM n Spring 2002. Highlighting a completely 3-D living city, grand theft auto 3 cheat code a mix of account driven and non-direct gameplay and an open condition, the diversion speaks to an enormous jump forward in intelligent amusement. Surprisingly, players are put at the core of their one of a kind hoodlum film, and let free in an ultimately acknowledged three-dimensional city, in which anything can happen and most likely will.

With a cast of hundreds, 50 or more vehicles, going from sports autos to frozen yogurt trucks and from watercrafts to transports, 3 hours of music, including musical drama, reggae, house, drum and bass, pop and disco, an enormous cluster of road prepared weapons and a portion of the seediest characters in computer game history, Grand Theft Auto 3 is a sprawling epic which will demonstrate to you that occasionally, wrongdoing can pay, and in some cases it can pay you back.


Welcome To Liberty City. The Worst Place In America.

There are diverse regions in Liberty City. It comprises of three islands – Portland, Staunton Island, and Shoreside Vale. Freedom City depends on New York, so the three islands are nearly like Brooklyn, Manhattan, and New Jersey individually.


This is poor people, modern piece of Liberty City, you’ll see for the most part laborers in old autos, the Mafia, Triads, and Diablos around here.

This is the mechanical zone. Here you will discover GTA 3 liberty city hacks the docks, the Red Light District, stockrooms, processing plants, markets, carports and also some valuable providers. The zone is populated with hookers, pimps, workers, dockworkers, legislators and general rubbish. Wrongdoing is overflowing in Portland, and it has a long history of Mafia control. This is being tested by the Triads. A wicked turf war has been in progress for a while. A delightful region with something for everybody.

Staunton Island

This is the business zone of Liberty City. Loads of rich individuals can be found here, close to their decent cars and the occupant packs – the Yakuza, Yardies and Colombian Cartel.

This is the focal business area. This is the place all the enormous business happens in Liberty City and is ruled by the rich, capable and corporate. Amid the day the territory is clamoring with businesspeople doing their 9-5 thing – insider exchanging, taking influences and offering their grandmas for ten bucks. Around evening time it is dull, destroy and exceptionally risky.

Shoreside Vale

This is the rural region of Liberty City. The rich live here, alongside the white-collar class inhabitants and posses. The Francis International Airport is likewise situated here. Just like the Southside Hoods.

Rural rapture and serenity Liberty City style. Home to a large number of Liberty City’s more well-to-do hoodlums, Liberty City’s worker belt is an interwoven of swimming pools, picket wall, terraces, b-ball nets, road possess and five auto carports. It’s covered with showy houses paid for with blood cash, ensured by high-security watches and doors to keep out groups of exhausted adolescents searching for something to do to convey some energy to their working class presence. The planner pooches and the station wagons give a shallow quietness to the suburbs, however, don’t be tricked. Brutality and debasement are at the core of each home.

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