Executing Faustin

Before going up against this mission, answer Dimitri’s content to locate an impenetrable vest behind the containers. Shotgun pull before the club. Shotgun everybody, through the rear way, up the stairs. Sit tight for him to get to the rooftop, at that point you can do him as he flies out. No leniency, since he has an automatic rifle.

Signing on

This is the first experience with the web bistro. Only go and set up a profile at – the second piece of this mission comes later.

Pursuit and Delete

To start with, get a cop auto and utilize the GTA IV cheats in PC. When you discover your objective, you can’t stop him from a particular point, despite the fact that you can shoot out his tires. You have to keep an eye out for trucks swerving around in the street before you. However, the trickiest piece of this mission is losing the police consideration you’ll get from going through toll corners. Just remain quiet and don’t knock or shoot any regular people and it’ll be fine.

Simple As Can Be

This is an intense drive with bunches of shooters. Brake right off the bat the corners – it’s smarter to back off a bit than control slide, botch it up and need to turn around out of a spot while everybody’s peppering you with gunfire.


In spite of the fact that this present mission’s called Shadow, you don’t generally should be that stealthy – you can simply spook the merchant you’re after, at that point dash after him. At that point shoot him and his mates, and you’re finished.

Russian Revolution

Little Jacob will enable you to out on this mission. However, this is basically about exactness pointing and hiding. You’ll need to overcome the cops to make it out of the front, however if you pop a couple, you’ll have a genuinely clear course grand theft auto 4 mod past the rest.Then it’s plain cruising to lose them.

Out Of The Closet

Go to the web bistro. Your date will be at the cafe on 69th and Hove. There are cops around, so wound him when he hurries to maintain a strategic distance from any inconvenience.

No. 1

This is the diversion’s just story mode race – the main thing you have to stress over is the second to last checkpoint where smashing through a boundary could place you in the riverbed. Something else, simply take the corners relentless – you’ll have a lot of time to surpass alternate racers on the straights.

Escuela Of The Streets

This is the primary mission where you truly need to tail somebody. Watch out for the movement lights and on corners, since it’s anything but difficult to incidentally get excessively close and drive your objectives away early. When you get to your goal, shoot everybody. You can either shoot the bolt off the entryway – which caution them that you’re coming in – or toss a block through the window, move in that way and overwhelm them. There’s a Sprunk machine at the GTA IV rockstar back of the distribution center to top up your wellbeing when you’re set.


Road Sweeper

Here you require the component of amazement to get every one of your objectives. Slaughter the initial two pack individuals by smashing your auto into them, hop out to complete stragglers at that point get the other auto. There are cops all over, however if you begin a gunfight, there’s a possibility they’ll carry out your employment for you.

The Puerto Rican Connection

Here you’re following a hoisted prepare. Only change to the far view with select and pay particular mind to corners by seeing the radar. When it stops, pop the two goons at that point run after the person. You can shoot him at a separation on the off chance that you utilize the lock on, yet endeavor to destroy him one shot to limit police obstruction.


Fortunes of the Irish

A moderately basic prologue to killing, this. The main dubious bits are that you’ll have to shoot the person battling with Packie on the left, and the last person through the window of his truck.

Ruin Your Disguise

Try not to pull a firearm until you’re up the primary flight of stairs in this mission – despite the fact that the general population first floor debilitate you, you don’t really need to take them on. In transit up the stairs, impact everybody, and snatch the medipack on the stairwell.Get the vest on the housetop, at that point impact a way out through the SWAT groups.

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